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2022 - Vol.26(1) - June

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Guest Editorial  PDF 

Relationship between Social Media Usage and Social Integration: A Study Among Undergraduate Students of Ambrose Alli University, Nigeria

Dr.Iguehi Joy Ikenwe, Dr.James Afebuameh Aiyebelehin and Hope Ofure Edeghonghon PDF


Research Productivity and Collaboration Pattern of Banaras Hindu University (2001-2020): A Scientometric Analysis

Kunal Gaurav and Dr.Gireesh Kumar T.K. PDF


Application of Growth Models in Knowledge Management Literature: A Bibliometric Study Based on LISA Database during 1975-2019                             

Seema Yadav and Dr.Meera PDF


Problems and challenges faced by the research scholars in Data collection: A study of the faculty of Social Sciences of Aligarh Muslim University                     

Sayma Tabassum and Dr.Sudharma Haridasan PDF


Big Data research publications in Library and Information Science: A scientometric analysis

Md. Safiqur Rahaman and Dr.Yougal Joshi PDF


Journal Impact Factor (JIF): The most important Measure of Quality of Quartile 1 (Q1) Geology Journals

Dr.V.R.Renjith, Dr.Sudhi S. Vijayan, Dr.V.R.Arunkumar and Dr.A.P.Pradeepkumar   PDF


Application of Bradford’s law and Leimkuhler model on the research publications of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University during 1992-2020                        

M.Thamaraiselvi and Dr.S.Lakshmi  PDF


Evaluating Web-based Resources, Services and Facilities Available in Library Websites: A Content

Analysis of Indian Institutes of Management (IIM)

Pervez Alam and Dr.Sudharama Haridasan PDF


Academic Information behavior of visually impaired students: A case study of Maheshwari School of Blind, Belagavi, Karnataka                                         

Dayanandappa Kori and Dr.K.R.Mulla   PDF


E-resources on William Shakespeare                                        

Dr.Joseph I. Thomas and Tamanna, N.A. PDF


KELPRO Bulletin 2022 - Vol.26(2) - December issue is published
 KELPRO has been organizing various National Webinars for its members and other ...