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2022 - Vol.26(2) - December


Earning Revenue Through Google Adsense on Websites: A Prospect For Entrepreneurial Avenue for Library and Information Science Professionals

Dr. Badan Barman PDF

Data Science, an Emerging Field in Library and Information Science: A Youtube Analytics Study of Two Popular Data Science Programming Tools -  Python and R

Pallavi and Dr.Bhakti Gala   PDF

 Librarians‘ Ability to Access snd Evaluate Information as Correlate of Research Support Services in University Libraries in South- South Nigeria

 Omorodion Okuonghae    Dr. Egbuna Sebastian Anaehobi   PDF 

Adoption of Open Source software by the librarians of private management institutions in Noida and Ghaziabad region: A gender based analysis

Jitender Sharma and Dr.Salma Khan   PDF

Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by ICAR - Indian Veterinary Research Institute During 1987 - 2019: A Bibliometric Study

K.C.Garg and DeobardhanKinwar  PDF

Impact of Social Media Tools on Enhancing Library and Information Services

Shahil Soni  and Dr. Margam Madhusudhan  PDF 

Top most cited articles published in the journal ‘Sociology’: A scientometric analysis

Dr.Sunil Kumar P., Dr.Renjith V R  and Dr.AntonyPalackal   PDF 

Influencing Factors To Knowledge Sharing: A Study on  Government Engineering College Students in Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala

Shilpa S.P. and Dr.Prakasan P.M.  PDF 

 Use of Library Resources and Services by Students and Faculty Members of B.Ed. Colleges Affiliated to Kuvempu University

Sandesh Kumar, G.K. and Dr.Dharani Kumar, P.  PDF 

Use of E-Databases in Selected Social Science Research and Training Institutions In Karnataka State: A Study

Dr. Krishnappa S.  PDF 

Scholarly Information Sharing Through Social Media by the Social Science Research Scholars: A Study in Selected Universities in  Tamil Nadu

P.Pitchaipandi and Dr.C.Baskaran  PDF



KELPRO Bulletin 2023 - Vol.27(2) - December issue is released