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2023 - Vol.27(1) - June

       KELPRO BULLETIN                    Vol.27, 1                       June 2023

                                                    CONTENT PAGE

Guest Editorial

Data Science, An Emerging Field in LIS: Some Random Thoughts

Prof.Dr.B.Ramesh Babu PDF


Online Attention to COVID-19 Research: An Altmetric Analysis

Sarika C. and Dr.Mohamed Haneefa K.       PDF


Topics Analysis of Contents in LIS Links Discussion Forum

Vinay Anand and Dr.Saptarshi Ghosh     PDF    


Web Decay:  Analysis of the Websites of the Universities in Kerala Using

Wayback Machine

Dr.P.K.Suresh Kumar    PDF                                 


Research on Migrant Remittance Behavior: A Bibliometric Study Based on

World Literature Indexed in Scopus During 2001 –2021

Nisha S. and Dr.R.Jayaraman  PDF


Towards Designing a Framework for Migration of Transaction Data of ILMS:

Issues and Challenges

Vinod Kumar Mishra and Durga Sankar Rath    PDF        


Digitized Rare Cultural Heritage Collections of the Hazrat Pir Mohammed Shah

Library and Research Centre, Ahmedabad: An Archival Research

Amreen Taj and Dr.Bhakti Gala  PDF


Effective Ways of Handling the Termite Problem in Library and Information Centers:

A Case Study of Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, Kerala

Appasaheb Naikal and Atul Sahu PDF

Application of Empirical laws in Global Limnology Research productivity : A Scientometric Analysis

S.Gunaseelan and Dr.C.Ranganathan  PDF


Impact of COVID-19 on Libraries of NAAC Accredited Colleges in Maharashtra:

A Case Study

Ramkisan A. More and Dr.Nandkishor R. Motewar PDF


Content Analysis of Library Websites/Web Pages of Top Twenty NIRF Ranked

Pharmacy Institutes in India                                                                          

Madhu S. and Dr.Kannappanavar B.U. PDF


Book Review

Introduction to Bibliometrics and Scientometrics by

Dr.Kailash C. Garg

Reviewed by Dr.Bharvi Dutt  PDF




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